Best Online Free Photoshop Alternative FreePhotoEditor.Net (Always Free)

Looking for a free photo editor that have features similar to Adobe Photoshop? then FreePhotoEditor.Net is what you need, it is a browser based robust photo editor with layers and adjustment tools, edit pictures online with ease. Moreover, Save your work you just finished with this photoshop free looking online photo editor..

How to Use this photo editor?

It's very much easy to use this photo editor, Simply create a new image or upload from a URL (if you're editing on the web) or you can upload from your own computer by entering the complete folder path, thus it will retrieve the file and then you can start modifiying the picture. Use the online tools at the top and on the left panel, most of the features are similar to adobe photoshop cc, so if you have previously worked in that envirnment, it would be ease for you.

What's so New in this image editor?

The main benefit of this picture editor is that it have features similar to Adobe Photoshop CC, so if you don't hve much time to download or cannot buy it now, then this photo editor is a gold for you. Following are some of the major important features.

  • Cross Platform, Browser based Editor.
  • Similar to Photoshop tools to edit pictures.
  • No download required, it's a built in application, powered by PhotoPea.